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ADTANCE is one of the leading companies for the digitization of industrial after sales service. Since its founding in 2015, ADTANCE has been helping companies in all markets transform to digital customer service. On its innovative and comprehensive Smart Service Platform, all software solutions for a digitalized after sales service are available. ADTANCE also offers hardware such as Smartglasses, Augmented Reality Glasses, camera systems and much more.

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Our Services

ADTANCE combines every piece of software needed for digital customer service into a single comprehensive platform. The ADTANCE Smart Service platform offers individual modules as well as an all-round solution, centralized & integrated in one single platform. For example the platforms offers:

Additional to the software solutions ADTANCE offers a wide range of hardware for Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Camera Systems.



Hauptstraße Nord 55

69483 Wald-Michelbach

Tel.: +49 (0) 6207 9399 30

Why we are Partner of Coatino®

User-friendliness, innovation and customer orientation are the top priorities for COATINO and us. We would hence like to join the formulation network and partner with COATINO to offer its customers the best possible support.
ADTANCE aims to provide the optimal software support to ensure that COATINO customers can be served as conveniently as possible and at any time, for instance, real-time support from a distance with the help of augmented reality.

Coatino® is

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SAAS Provider
B2B platform
hardware distributor
remote assist

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